Burl Finish Panel

Burl Finish Panel

Burl Finish Panels
THERMOFRIZ offer Burl Finish Panels are highly efficient & can be installed in any Studios, office, Multiplexes & Audioriums. It is renowned to serve the purpose with utmost precision for low frequency absorbing. The perfect finish provides a pure white color to the panel with wood fibers visible on the top surface of the panel, all this gives the panel a suave and smooth look. Available with us in all standard shapes and sizes is our range of burl finish thermofriz panels.


    - Minimum water clogging
    - Easy to clean
    - Durability

Installation Specifications for Walls

Can be installed on GI metal/ Wooden/ MS frame of 50 x 50mm making a grid of 610 x 610mm c/c. The frame is to be made in proper line after leveling. The panels will be backed with 50mm Sentetic Wadding 1000 GSM inserted inside the grid of 610 x 610mm.

Installation Specifications for Ceiling
Can be installed making grid of size 600 x 600mm c/c of G.I pre coated system using Main T 34 x 24 & Cross T 24 x 24 & wall angles suspended suitably by dash fastners, GI wire & suspension clip & MS cleats. A layer of 50mm Sentetic Wadding 1000 GSM to be used over false ceiling for best results.



Std. Size: 1220mm × 610mm; 595 x 595mm
Other Size: 1200mm × 600m; 915m × 610mm; 600mm ×600mm; 
Thickness in mm: 6, 13, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150
Density in kg/cuM: 400, 450, 600, 80


Technical Specifications

Providing & fixing Thermofriz Acoustic “Burl Finish” Panels made from wood fibers mineralized with magnesite composite many thickness and is of multi-colour. Highly recommend for interiors for heat and sound, has excellent sound result as per ISO: 354 -1985 & ASTM 423-90a. Thermofriz wood wool boards are made as per IS: 3308, BS: 1105 & DIN: 1101. These board are not easily ignitable for which we have a fire test done under BS: 476 Part 5, 6, 7. Weather Test Cycle (B) IS: 9307 Part 7- 1979. Thermal Conductivity Test under BS: 874-1965.