Fibtex Cloud

Fibtex Cloud

Providing and Fixing of Fibtex Cloud shall be of high acoustic performance and micro edge glass fiber in any color. It comprises a high density glass wool panel covered with painted glass wool tissue for decorative ceiling effect and glass wool tissue on the backside and having sealed edges. Ot shall have a noise reduction co-efficient of greater than 0.90, light reflection of over 85%, density of 80kg/m3 , humidity resistance.

When it is not possible to install wall to wall ceiling then this is a primarily acoustic solutions. Cloud can be used where we need to maintain the volume and control the Eco. Cloud is made up from Glass wool. Shape of Cloud can be selected by the client.ensity of 80kg/m3 ,humidity resistance.






Thickness in mm:


Density in kg/cuM:



 The Thermofriz Cloud is easy to install because we have specifically made it that way. It can be installed with the help of GI wire suspended to dash fashner M6.