Thermocol Sandwich Panel

Thermocol Sandwich Panel

Thermocol Sandwich Panel is a sandwich panel which is made up from wood wool board & thermocol.

THERMOFRIZ offer Thermocol Sandwich Panel i.e widely used as a pre-fabricated panel for sound problems like in house near industrial area and in factories which are having sound problem, dg rooms, sound testing rooms etc. Our sound insulation board for sound insulation.



Fibre :

1mm width Pine wood


85 Grade Magnesite 200 mesh

Std. Size:

1220 x 610mm; 600 x 600 mm

Other Size:

1200 x 600mm; 915 x 610mm

Thickness in mm:

25, 40, 50, 75.

Density in kg/cuM:

400, 600, 800


Square, Beval


Installation Specifications For Walls/ Ceilings

Can be installed on GI metal/ Wooden/ MS frame of 50 x 50mm making a grid of 610 x 610mm c/c. The frame is to be made in proper line after leveling. The panels will be backed with 50 mm Sentetic Wadding 1000 GSM inserted inside the grid of 610 x 610mm.

Installation Specifications For Ceilings

Can be installed making grid of size 600 x 600mm c/c of G.I pre coated system using Main T 34 x 24 & Cross T 24 x 24 & wall angles suspended suitably by dash fastners, GI wire & suspension clip & MS cleats. A layer of 50mm Sentetic Wadding 1000 GSM to be used over false ceiling for best results.

Different colours of Thermocol Sandwich Panel: