Sentetic Cloud

Sentetic Cloud

When it is not possible to install wall to wall ceilings than this is a primarily acoustic solutions. Thermofriz Sentetic Cloud can be installed where we need to control the Eco. This is a kind of decorative material made of polyester fiber as a raw material, which is made by hot pressing and the porosity is above 90%. Shape of the Cloud can be selected by the client.
The sound absorption property of the absorbing board is good in the range of middle and high frequency. It have advantages of heat insulation, fire prevention, dust prevention, light weight & no decay, also has better sound absorption effect, high strength, good decoration, convenient construction, environment protection.
The Thermofriz Cloud is easy to install because we have specifically made it that way. It can be installed with the help of GI wire suspended to dash fashner M6.




Thickness in mm:

 9, 18

Density in kg/cuM: