Fibtex Baffle

Fibtex Baffle

Baffle is made up from Glasswool and the fabric wrapped on the Glasswool panel with help of adhesive. For supporting the Glasswool, we use  strips around the Glasswool.
When it is not possible to install wall-to-wall ceilings then this is a primarily acoustic solutions.‎ Baffles can be used where we need to maintain the volume and control the Eco. The shade of fabric can be selected by the client from FABRIC Category where many options are available.


The Thermofriz Baffle is easy to install because we have specifically made it that way. It can be installed with the help of GI wire suspended to dash fashner. 





Thickness in mm:

 25, 40, 50

Density in kg/cuM:

48, 80, 96

Different colours of Fibtex Baffle: